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Employees Compensation Insurance

The Employment Ordinance requires employers to purchase “Employees Compensation Insurance” for domestic helpers to protect employers from the labour support. Those requirements should be active when they are employed. Employees Compensation Insurance covers a wide range. Among them, the medical expenses are incurred by the work accident. The Employees Compensation Insurance provides protection to the employer to compensate the domestic helper.

However, according to the employment contract, the medical expenses of the helpers in Hong Kong are all paid by their employers. The employer is not only responsible for the medical expenses incurred for the work-related injuries.

QBE domestic helper insurance, it is labor insurance plus medical insurance. In addition to the medical expenses incurred by the helpers, the other medical expenses of the helpers are also guaranteed.

On the other hand, when the domestic helpers are on holiday in Hong Kong, because the helpers are not employed, the protection of labor insurance is very limited. The QBE domestic helper insurance is also accompanied by $200,000 Personal Accident Benefits, which is given to employers and helpers. There are also some guarantees.

Insurance Authority (IA) Licensed Insurance Agency

License No.: FA3422

Insurance Authority(IA) Technical Representative (Agent)

License No.: IN9732

Domestic Helper Protector Plan

  • Employer’s liability
  • Clinical expenses for treatment by a registered medical practitioner resulting from sickness or injury sustained by your domestic helper
  • Surgical and hospitalisation expenses if your domestic helper is hospitalised for surgery or treatment of sickness or injury
  • Dental expenses
  • Personal accident benefits if your domestic helper suffers from an accident during her rest days
  • Loss of services cash allowances
  • Repatriation expenses in the event that the domestic helper suffers from serious sickness or injury that results in she or he being medically unfit to work or in their death
  • Replacement helper expenses in case the domestic helper is repatriated due to serious sickness, injury or death
  • Fidelity guarantee to compensate the financial loss arising from the dishonest act of the domestic helper
  • Domestic helper’s liability to third party bodily injury or property damage
  • Optional cover on cancer and heart disease extension to cover surgical and hospitalisation expenses as well as a loss of service allowance
  • New and old domestic helper handover period: During the one-month handover period, the employer only needs to pay an additional premium of $100, and the old and new domestic helpers can be guaranteed at the same time. The client must notify us by email or Whatsapp and contact us to confirm it.
  • Extended Warranty Period: – The monthly premium is 10% of the annual premium (original premium), the two-month premium is 20% of the annual premium (original premium), and so on. The minimum charge is HK$100. The client must notify us company by email or Whatsapp and call us to confirm it.
  • Waiting Period – Labor and personal accidents are effective immediately at the beginning of the policy; only items 2, 3, 4 and 5 and optional protection are subject to a 10-day waiting period before they are guaranteed.



Benefit ItemsOnline Offer 2 Years PremiumOnline Offer 1 Year Premium
A. Labor, medical and personal accidents
(All risks) Include the following items 1 to 10
(Original Premium: HK$1,350)
(Original Premium HK$750)
【Optional Items】: Cancer and Heart Disease**HK$450 (Additional Premium)HK$250 (Additional Premium)
B Labor, medical and personal accidents
(Labour Accident) Include the following 1st and 6th protection items
**It is only suitable for domestic workers who are in good physical condition and have never been diagnosed or treated for “cancer or heart disease” when they are insured.
#Cancellation of the policy: If the client had the claims, we will first deduct the premium discount given to the client and the premium collected by the insurance company, and the balance will be returned to the customer.
Remarks:The above is for reference only and all terms and conditions are subject to the policy.

How to apply

Read Proposal Form and pay it with our company bank account information, and fill in the form and submit it with the payment slip, email or whatsapp it to us.

Two-year GoodLink Discount Premium HK$1,080 (Original Premium$1,350)

Two-year GoodLink Discount Premium (with Optional Benefits) HK$1,530 (Original Premium HK$1,800)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Could you provide a sample of the policy for reference?

The policy includes a coverage form and a policy terms. The coverage list summarizes the protection items and the policyholder’s information. For the policy contents, please visit thisLink

When is the earliest effective date? When will I receive the policy?

The earliest policy effective date is the same date, you can also specify other days to start, but the policy effective date cannot be earlier than the policy insured date; we will issue the policy on the same date (we only issue insurance policy during the period from Monday to Friday and non-public holidays) Insured. You can email the policy to you within one working day. You must provide your correct email address. If you cannot find a policy in your inbox, miscellaneous box or trash mail box, please contact us asap.

The domestic helper has been working for a period of time. Would the policy effective date be traced back dated?

The policy effective date cannot be earlier than the signed proposal date.

How to buy it?

You can download the proposal form and pay it via our bank account information, then email IGOODLINK@IGOODLINK.COM or whatapp 6544 4600 the proposal form with payment proof to us for our confirmation. Payment method: 1. FPS轉數快(FPS ID: 9350943) Account Name: Good Link Consultants,  OR 2) Bank Transfer to our HSBC bank account 121-747158-838 , Account Name: GOOD LINK CONSULTANTS

Please fill out the enquiry form below and we will respond to you shortly.

You can email to igoodlink@igoodlink.com or Whatsapp (852) 6544 4600.

QBE Domestic Helper Protection Plan

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