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About Us

Good Link Consultants Limited started it services in 1989# with Good Link Consultants. It has been known for its professional dealing in employment business. All applicants screened by our agency are ensured to reach education level of at least high school or college standard. Some of Filipino helpers even attain University Good Link AND standard or professional qualifications such as nursery and education. All Filipino, Indonesian and Thai maids and domestic helpers are required to complete Cantonese speaking and house-keeping training course before deployed to Hong Kong. Further to this, a lot of our applicants have gained overseas working experience. They are from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East, etc. The employer can also be assured that the health of the maid is normal as not only two medical check-ups are done before departure.

Upon arrival, the maids will be arranged to have an additional check-up which includes AIDS, VDRL, Hepatitis B, Chest X-ray and Pregnancy test and the report is delivered to the employer immediately. The employers are also provided with free labour law consultation service and free replacement during contract years.

# Employment Licence of Good Link Consultants (BR. no. 13245811) was replaced with Good Link Consultants Limited’s Licence on May 22, 2019

Labour Department Licensed Employment Agency

License No.: 75203

Insurance Authority (IA) Licensed Insurance Agency

License No.: FA3422

Insurance Authority(IA) Technical Representative (Agent)

License No.: IN9732

Overseas Employment License

。Filipino Certificate of Accreditation

POEA No.: POLOHK-0721-069

。Indonesian Business Accreditation Certificate


Hong Kong Employment Licence

Indonesian Accreditation

Filipino Accreditation