Health Check Voucher

Health Check Voucher / Appointment (Whatsapp 6544 4600)

Health Check Voucher and Appointment

  • Please provide us the following information by WhatsApp 6544 4600 or
    – Full name:
    – Phone no.:
    – E-mail:
    – Plan:

    – Booking date and location (Jordan/Causeway Bay):
  • Remarks:  This coupon is only valid within one month of the date of issuance of the medical certificate
  • Please pay the full amount by FPS/Payme/bank transfer(by ATM or online banking) to the following account:
    HSBC: 121-895312-838 , name: GOOD LINK CONSULTANTS LIMITED
    * For bank transfer from a non-HSBC or non-Hang Seng bank, please pay an extra fee of HK$20
  • Please send us the payment proof. We will email you the voucher after one working day.
  • Please print out the voucher and show it at the medical centre.
  • If there is any amendment or cancellation within the period of validity including name or date, a handling fee of HK$100 will be charged
  • After the above procedures are completed, you will be received our health check voucher within one working day.  We issue the voucher during Monday to Friday and non-public holidays. Please plan ahead and reserve enough time to purchase the voucher. The voucher shows the address, telephone number and office hours of the designated laboratory are detailed on the Voucher.
  • Reports will be ready within 3-14 working days. Please pick them up at the medical centre within 1 month.