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Features: Clinical daily cover to HK$200/day...
Clinical Expenses
HK$200 / day, HK$4000 / year

HK$30000 per 12 months period

Replacement Helper
HK$10000 per 12 months period

Waiting Period*
10 days ( It is waived if copy of renewal notice or policy from existing insurer showing same names of employer and helper can be produced.)

Domestic Helper's
Bodily injury or property damage to third party, HK$500000 per 12 months period
Optional Cover
Cancer & Heart Diseases - Clinical And Surgical & Hospitalization, HK$100000 per 12 months period
If the handover period of the two domestic helpers is within a month's time, you only have to pay an extra premium of HK$100 to get both of them protected. Please note that you have to send in your request through email or fax.
The period of insurance can be extended depending on your needs. Premium amount per month is equivalent to 10% of the annual premium (original); 20% for two months and so on. The minimum premium charge is HK$100. Please note that you have to send in your request through email or fax.
Waiting Period: The Employer's Liability & Personal Accident Insurance section starts immediately while a 10-day waiting period from the commencement date of the policy shall be applicable under Sections 2, 3, 4, 5 and Optional Cover for the Insured Person. No benefits shall be      
  payable under these sections in respect of any event occurring during the
  waiting period.

Original two-year premium HK$1,350. Now, selling at net premium HK$1,080#

BENEFITS 1 Year 2 Years
A. Employer's Liability & Personal Accident Insurance (EL&PAI)
  (Covers include Item1 & 6 below)
HK$450.00  HK$810.00
B. Comprehensive Package (CP)
  (Covers include Item 1 to 10 below)



 Cancer & Heart Disease**


(Original HK$750)



(Additional Premium)



(Original HK$1,350)



(Additional Premium)


QBE Hongkong & Shanghai Insurance
(QBE-HKSI) is a joint venture between the QBE Insurance Group and China Constructon Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited [formerly known as Bank of America (Asia) Limited].

The QBE Insurance Group first established local representation in 1920. Today, QBE Insurance Group is one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide. It is active in more than 40 countries and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

China Construction Bank (Asia)
Corporation Limited,
formerly known as Bank of America (Asia) Limited, offers a wide array of consumer and commercial banking services for customers. It is wholly owned subsidiary of China Construction Bank Corporation, a leading bank of China possessing extensive strength in corporate and consumer banking, and treasury operations.

is one of the largest established insurance companies in Hong Kong. It offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the varied insurance needs of the
corporate and individual clients. Apart from the conventional business insurance products such as fire, business interruption, burglary, marine cargo, employees' compensation, motor etc,

also provides specialist insurance solutions like trade credit, protection and indemnity, freight forwarders' liability, directors and officers' liability, medical
malpractice liability and professional indemnity insurance. In addition,
offers personal insurance products including household, personal accident, medical, golf, travel and pleasure craft insurance. Besides, QBE-HKSI also carries terms life insurance for both corporate and individual customers.

Standard & Poor's Insurer - Financial Strength Rating
QBE has consistently maintained a high Standard & Poor's "A+" Financial Strength Rating.


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  Coverage Limit
  Your liability as an employer under the law HK$100 million per event
  Coverage Limit
  Medical Treatment from a clinic for sickness or bodily injury resulting from an accident. HK$200 per visit per day
  Chinese Medicine / Bonesetter Treatment / Physiotherapy HK$100/visit/day up to HK$500
  Aggregate limit HK$4,000 per 12 months period
  Coverage Limit
  Hospital confinement for surgery or treatment of sickness of bodily injury resulting from an accident:  
  a. Room & Board Charges a. $300 per day 
  b. Surgeon's Fees b. HK$10,000 / operation
  c. Anaesthetist fees c. 25% of surgeon's fees
  d. Operating Theatre Charges d. 12.5% of surgeon's fees
  e. Aggregate Limit e. HK$30,000 per 12 months period
  Coverage Limit
  In the event that your Domestic Helper is hospitalized due to sickness or injury, this policy pays you a daily cash allowances for the loss of services commencing from the 4th day of the Helper's confinement. HK$200 per day
HK$6,000 per 12 months period
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5. Dental Expenses
  Coverage Limit
  In the event your Helper requires oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings as a result of dental disease. Two-thirds of actual expenses up to HK$1,500 per 12 months period
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6. Personal Accident Benefits  
  Coverage Limit
  Accidents occurring during domestic helper's rest days resulting in accidental death, permanent disablement or loss of sight of both eyes. HK$200,000 per 12 months period
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7. Repatriation Expenses
  Coverage Limit
  Repatriation of your domestic helper who is certified as medically unfit to complete the contract, or in the event of death, the repatriation of her mortal remains to the country of residence. HK$20,000 per 12 months period
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8. Replacement Helper Expenses
  Coverage Limit
  This policy pays you the expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred for employing a replacement helper. HK$10,000 per 12 months period
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9. Fidelity Guarantee
  Coverage Limit
  The policy pays the financial loss of the Insured arising from the dishonest act of the Domestic Helper. HK$3,000 per 12 months period
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10. Domestic Helper's Liability
  Coverage Limit
  The policy covers legal liability of your domestic helper to third party bodily injury or property damage as a result of negligence HK$500,000 per 12 months period
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Cancer & Heart Disease **
  Coverage Limit
  Clinical And Surgical & Hospitalization Expenses : Additional Premium:
  - HK$100,000 per 12 months period HK$250 (1 Year)
  - Lab test expenses up to HK$5,000 per 12 months period HK$450 (2 Years)
  - Loss of Service Cash Allowance up to HK$6,000  


Only applicable to domestic helpers who are in good health conditions and have never been diagnosed or treated for cancer or heart disease at the time of insurance application.

# CANCELLATION:  The Insured may cancel the policy subject to no claims has been made.  GOOD LINK CONSULTANTS shall refund the balance to the Insured after deducting the discount given and QBE's retained premium.  

Remarks: Please refer to the Policy for full terms and conditions.

How to Apply:

1. Please download the application form and deposit or transfer (ATM / internet) premium into one of the following accounts.
A/C Name : Good Link Consultants
Hong Kong Bank (HSBC), A/C No.: 512-245325-001
Bank of China, A/C No.: 030-579-10102876 or

A surcharge of local interbank funds transfer fee HK$20 is required if payment is wired up other than HSBC or Bank of China.  For interbank funds transfer, please transfer the premium together with HK$20 to our bank accounts.

2. Please send the deposit slip or transfer receipt with the completed application form and copy of renewal notice or policy (if any) to 81040816 by fax or by email igoodlink@igoodlink.comgoodlinkconsultants@yahoo.com.hk . 

3. Upon receipt of the fax or email, the insurance cover will be taken with immediate effect (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). Policy will be emailed to you within 2 working days.  Please provide CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESSIf you can't find the policy in INBOX /
TRASH / SPAM, please contact us.

                                         For Enquiry:2369 0816



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QBE Helper Insurance Discount Prices

Good Link Consultants is proud to be a licensed insurance agency since 1990. We also provide agency services on:


General Insurance Products: Property, Employee's Compensation, Engineering, Public Liability, Marine, Office, Shop, Home, Helper, Medical, Motor, Travel, Golfers, etc.


Insurance Agency Registration No.: 98904894 (The Hong Kong Federation Of Insurers


Download the application form and our bank details. Fill out this form and fax back together with your paid-in slip.

The earliest date to start the policy is the working day we receive your application. Effective date cannot be dated back.

The insurance is taken effect immediately on the working day (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays), upon receipt of payment and application form. Policy will be emailed to you within 2 working days. Please provide CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS. If you can't find the policy in INBOX / TRASH / SPAM, please contact us.

The policy is composed of a schedule and policy jacket. The schedule summarises policy details and owner's details. For policy jacket, you may click this link.